10 Benefits of a REAL TIME Patient Feedback System

real time patient feedbackCommunicating and responding to the needs of patients is the foundation of every medical practice. Today, patient feedback not only plays a critical role in provider reimbursement, but also with online reputation, competitive advantage, and patient engagement. As healthcare makes it’s shift from a pay-for-service model to value-based care, the focus on patient feedback has been even stronger than ever. Therefore, it is imperative that practices and healthcare facilities utilize real-time patient feedback as a tool to continuously improve and monitor performance.

Gathering patient feedback allows a practice the ability to listen and respond to patient reviews timely and efficiently. Whether introducing new services or evaluating performance, patient feedback can assist leadership in maximizing performance improvement, patient retention, and patient loyalty.  There are many advantages associated with real-time patient feedback solutions below are just a few:

Benefits of a Real-Time Patient Feedback System

How can a Real-Time Patient Feedback System help your practice?

  1. Monitor the quality of services being delivered to patients
  2. Understand more about a practice’s patient base and how they utilize available services
  3. Determine patient preferences for services
  4. Assess patient reactions to changes made within the practice
  5. Raise awareness of new services provided at the practice
  6. Improve patient engagement and response
  7. Recover potential service failures
  8. Retain loyal patients
  9. Foster increased numbers of loyal patients
  10. Improve support staff and physician satisfaction

Having a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s experience within a medical practice enables management to stay one step ahead in a highly competitive healthcare industry. By using a real-time patient feedback system medical practices and healthcare facilities can collect meaningful insight to better improve services. The ability to monitor, analyze, and make improvements based on this information is an invaluable tool for improving patient satisfaction and loyalty. Patient feedback solutions can have a significant impact on patient ratings, retention, and the overall success of a healthcare organization.

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