Issue #2 – Thinking Thursdays TIPs for M3-Patient Experience Users and Leaders

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Issue 2, March 21, 2019

In this week’s issue :
 – New User and Recurrent Refresher Training
– Surveys Requiring Follow-up: Documenting Service Recovery
– How to Add and Remove Providers to Your Practice’s M3 Survey
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New User and Recurrent Refresher Training

Did you know MedicalGPS does not charge extra for new user and recurrent training. Training and support is part of what we do.Our desire is for our team to support your team with the single focus of making the patient experience as good as it can be.

If your organization has several users that need new user or recurrent training, just drop Marty or me an email.

Jerry Stone –
Marty Hudson –

Surveys Requiring Follow-up: Documenting Service Recovery

As patients take the M3 survey, whenever one of three criteria are met, a real-time email alert is sent to a list of recipients at your practice, (those team members listed on the “Internal Email Recipients” page).  Real-time alerts indicate that a survey Requires a Follow-up and requires your, or your teams attention.  The three criteria that require a follow-up are:

1) Patient requested to be contacted regarding a concern about their most recent visit, or
2) Patient Left a comment AND Tagged the comment as “Unfavorable”, or
3) A score of six (6) or less on the “Recommend to Friends and Family” question.

When a survey requires a follow-up, upon logging into M3 you will see a link that is red in color that reads, Surveys Requiring Follow-up.  Click that link to see the survey(s) that require a follow-up.
1) When the “Surveys Requiring Follow-up” page loads up, click the link on the left-hand side column that reads, “Flash Report” to research what happened.
2) After researching and taking appropriate action, again from the “Surveys Requiring Follow-up” page, click the link in the far, left-hand column that reads, “Follow-up” to enter follow-up notes.
3) Enter follow-up and action taken notes in the “Comments Box”, change the status and click the blue “Update” link to close out the survey.

How to Add and Remove Providers to Your Practice’s M3 Survey

Adding and removing providers is straight forward.  As an ADMIN-level account holder for your practice’s survey, your M3 login access rights will allow you to add and remove providers when needed.  Below are instructions.

1.Login to M3 here:
2.Click “Manage Survey”
3.Click “Manage Providers”
    a. Click “Add a New Provider”
b. Click the red button with the “X” to remove a provider
c. Click the light blue pencil button to edit a provider


Whenever a new provider is added, be sure to let the MedicalGPS support team know so that we can turn-on the auto-email functionality for the new provider(s). 

Reach us at at  When the support page loads up, scroll to the bottom and click, “I have a question not listed here?” , and then just let us know that you added a new provider and the name of the new provider.

We hope you are finding Thinking Thursdays TIPs useful.  If so, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.  If you don’t automatically receive Thinking Thursdays TIPs in your inbox, subscribe here.

Please let our support team know if you need anything.  Whenever you need help, please find support at
Just save the support link to your favorites and simply click it when you need assistance.  If you don’t see what you need, after the support page loads up, scroll down and click, “I have a question not listed here?” 
Have a great Thinking Thursday! 
Jerry L. Stone
MedicalGPS, LLC

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