Issue #1 – Thinking Thursdays TIPs for M3-Patient Experience Users and Leaders

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Issue 1, March 14, 2019

If you are receiving Thinking Thursday TIPs it’s because you are an amazing M3-Patient Experience user, or you lead an awesome team that utilizes the absolutely best patient experience survey tool in the industry, M3-Patient Experience.   Many of our clients tell us so, and we believe them! 🙂

We thought you’d be interested in seeing some handy, how-to TIPs, on this terrific Thinking Thursday, just two days ahead of another glorious weekend!

PS: These TIPs can get pretty dry, so I had to spice up the opening just a little  🙂 

Are your patients receiving emailed survey invitations?

Need to check to make sure your patients are receiving emailed survey invitations?  No problem, here’s how to:

1) Login to M3-Patient Experience here: 
2) Click “Manage Emails & Notifications”
3) From the drop-down click “View Sent Emails”.
4) Scroll down and click, “Click Here to View Emails Sent Last 30 Days”
5) When the page loads up, scroll down to see the list of patients

What happens when a patient skips a question?

That is a great question!

When questions are skipped, or omitted, the practice’s patient experience scores are NOT impacted, good or bad.  Skipped questions are completely ignored.

Many of the M3-Patient Experience questionnaires have built-in skip logic that intentionally omits certain questions, based on the patient’s unique visit experience, which often follows survey sampling protocols from CMS/CG-CAHPS. 

For example, the “Same Day Call Back” question has a preceding question that qualifies whether or not the patient has had the need to telephone the office for information that they needed right away.  Two questions work together, as shown below.

How can I double check that my on-line scores are accurate?

At MedicalGPS we believe your patient experience data is YOUR data.  If you would like to download your practice’s ‘raw’ data into excel, here’s how to.

1) Login here:
2) Click “Reporting
3) From the menu on the left, click  “Detailed Results
4) Click, the button that reads, “Export Numeric to Excel

We hope you are finding Thinking Thursdays TIPs useful.  If so, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.  If you don’t automatically receive Thinking Thursdays TIPs in your inbox, subscribe here.

Please let our support team know if you need anything.  Whenever you need help, please find support at
Just save the support link to your favorites and simply click it when you need assistance.  If you don’t see what you need, after the support page loads up, scroll down and click, “I have a question not listed here?” 
Have a great Thinking Thursday! 
Jerry L. Stone
MedicalGPS, LLC

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