These 7 Mobile Apps will Improve Your Healthcare Practice’s Vitals

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With the ever-evolving quality and abundance of mobile technology, many industries have their choice of using more mobile applications than their decision makers have time to properly vet. The healthcare sector is one of the most daunting examples in the mobile space. Seemingly infinite mobile applications can either assist doctors, patients and administrators, or ultimately amount to a massive waste of time and resources. This article presents seven apps with solid benefits. Please know that MedicalGPS, LLC does not specifically endorse any of the products or applications mentioned below, we do however know that healthcare is rapidly changing as a result of mobile technology, and offer the following highlights for your information gathering purposes only.



The 1upHealth team has designed a sophisticated app to collect patient data from outside systems. Its overall platform gives healthcare professionals data they can view through different data sources that patients use. It will list the patient’s medication, lab work, historical data and demographics. With this app connecting patients, doctors and other healthcare providers, it offers a larger platform of fluent exchange of electronic medical data. When customizing the use of 1upHealth, you’ll need to hire an app developer, or be one yourself, or 1UpHealth offers both a fully developed provider app as well as a patient app, and is available to assist healthcare organizations with deploying and integrating either.

actmd has designed its application platform to connect patients with doctors and other care team members, where they all partner together to execute shared medical plans. The intent of is to help improve Care Team/Patient communication and allows the entire family to stay engaged. Care Traffic Control extends office support staff by directly supporting and engaging patients, enabling patients to stay on task, remain compliant, and progress forward.



This software helps with mobile inter-operability. This system brings together clinicians and patients spread out globally assisting with care coordination and workflow. AirStrip ONE aims to give caregivers and health facilities an engaging collaboration focused on patient-directed care. The software provides quantifiable and detailed analytics for health professionals.



This application targets patients, allowing them to manage their medical data including; images, lab work, dental information, clinical reports and a lot more from their doctors. It has a feature where medical records can be combined and obtained from a healthcare provider, an Apple Watch, a health kit, Fitbit, health forms, imaging CDs, CDA files or basically any patient reported medical records. Patients get a wonderful tool to jot down their medical history and medications used on a daily basis for doctors to access easily. This way, physicians have up to date information on their patients. The CarePassport website encourages patients to use the CarePassport app for free.



The developers at BBMK technologies have designed a piece of software that gives patients and providers ways to manage Warfarin and a Vitamin K antagonist usage from a mobile device or computer. ClotMD allows a connection between patients using anti-coagulation meds and offering one-on-one direct communication with their provider. Overall, it keeps patients and doctors communicating on a regular basis. The ClotMD app is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.



Doximity is an on-line social networking service that serves physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals in the United States. The service has more than 1 million members, which includes 70% of the U.S. physicians. Doximity is the largest, HIPAA secure, medical network platform in the United States. Members can review medical news, execute HIPAA-secure case collaboration with colleagues, and otherwise connect with individual healthcare professionals across the country. Category 1 CME is available by studying the articles and reading medical journals. Features include review of potential job opportunities and the capability to explore healthcare salaries.

New Hampshire Electronic Cause of Death Registry (eCOD)


This registry was designed by the New Hampshire Department of State’s Division of Vital Records Administration and rolled out in in early 2017. While this specific app is used within the state of New Hampshire, other states are sure to follow. Development was funded by CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. The app, available for both iOS and Android,  enables end-users to electronically file certificates of death in real-time. Real-time updates to relevant databases assist public health officials with detecting outbreaks of new diseases, early on. The app runs from the end-user’s smart phone and may be used whether online or offline. The software will sync updated data when an internet connection is available.

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