Mastery of the Patient Experience – MedicalGPS 2017 Year in Review

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yir_2017_email.jpgAs we optimistically embark upon a new year in 2018, all of us at MedicalGPS would like to take a moment to celebrate our clients’ successes and triumphs of 2017. We invite you to check out several interesting and surprising M3 Patient Experience, M3 Advocate, and other MedicalGPS healthcare statistics on our 2017 Year in Review page

  • How long would it take a human to ask all answered questions from 2017?
  • How many service recoveries were identified and handled thanks to M3?
  • How many novels worth of words did patients type in survey comments?
  • Why haven’t you checked out the answers to these and many other stats yet?

While this page is a fun thank-you to our clients and ourselves, the statistics are real.  These numbers were forged from a year of treating our clients to outstanding healthcare customer service, unparalleled innovation, seasoned experience, and mutual respect. Thank you for being a part of our 2017. We hope you get as much joy out of our year end recap as we did producing it.

– The MedicalGPS Team On-Demand Video Demo of M3 Patient Experience

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