Why is the AMA Supporting the President’s Healthcare Reform Plan?

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Recently I read an article in Becker’s ASC Review which helped me understand three reasons why the AMA should NOT support the healthcare plan, and a little insight as to why they do.  The three reasons why they should not:

1. On average, physicians receive 20 – 30 percent better reimbursement from commercial payors than from Medicare.  Healthcare reform will bring along with it a shift from commercial payors to Medicare. 

2.  The AMA only represents about 15 – 17 percent of the physicians in the country.  The average citizen does not understand this; they believe the AMA is THE voice of physicians. 

3.   The healthcare plan will reduce physician leverage when negotiating contracts when the primary payors will be Medicare and the public option.

You can read the article in Becker’s ASC Review by clicking here: http://tinyurl.com/ama-healthcare-support

The AMA has provided its support to the president’s healthcare reform plan with the promise from the president to provide help with Medicare reimbursement, when in actuality it will likely weaken the American health care system.  With the state Medicare is already in, it is doubtful that the president will be able to deliver to the AMA the reimbursement protections he promised.

Let us hear back from you, pro or con, on your opinion – Why is the AMA Supporting the President’s Healthcare Reform Plan?

—Marty Hudson

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