Smoking Bans…Could that be REAL Healthcare Reform?

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More and more smoking bans are being implemented in communities across the country.  The debate of such bans also continues.  The fact that smoke and second-hand smoke is harmful is not debatable; the freedom of who smokes, when they smoke and where they smoke is debatable, but we won’t go there on this blog.

The CDC asked a committee of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to assess data on the relationship of second-hand smoke and coronary artery events.  In short, they determined an association between second-hand smoke, cardio-vascular disease and acute coronary events. 

The IOM also determined smoking bans are effective at reducing the risk for heart failure and cardio-vascular disease.  Reductions of between 6% and 47% of heart attacks were realized where smoking bans were enacted. 

You can read more about the IOM’s findings in Cardiology Today at

Check back with us next week when I am going to blog something to think about when it comes to healthcare reform.  I am not going to delve into the politics of such, but with a little satire I will touch on what I mean by Smoking Bans…Could that be REAL Healthcare Reform?

—Marty Hudson

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