PCWorld: “Has Twitter Lost its Tweetness?”

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PCWorld’s article from April 17th discusses the slow down of Twitter’s growth.  I am not certain the “slow down” of growth equates to Twitter going away.  After all, its popularity sky-rocketed over the last year or two; theoretically, something can only add users for so long and we just run out of people.  So, the fact that Twitter’s growth went from 20 percent at a peak in 2009 down to .15 percent at the end of the year doesn’t mean its going away; it merely means its not adding users at the same pace. 

In a blog several weeks ago I talked about Twitter sustaining itself as it currently exists.  My opinion is it needs to evolve into something else.  (http://www.medicalgpsblog.com/?p=77)

In support of this was a comment left on the PCWorld site: “I continue to lose interest day by day. Why? For starters, it’s populated by spammers and 99.9 percent of my DMs are junk. Secondly, more and more people are using Twitter to broadcast only what they want to say, not engage in conversation.

Check out the PCWorld article: http://www.pcworld.com/article/194451/has_twitter_lost_its_tweetness.html?tk=rss_news

I also blogged about using Twitter in business and how that may be the sustainable market. (http://www.medicalgpsblog.com/?p=94)

In next week’s blog we will discuss this a little further and focusing on a PCWorld article about Twitter’s new business model.  In the meantime, how do you use Twitter?  What do you thing about PCWorld: “Has Twitter Lost its Tweetness?”

—Marty Hudson

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