Patient Experience – Top Priority of Health Leaders for the Next Three Years

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Where do you rank your patient’s perception of your practice?  According to the 2013 HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey, 54% of Health Leaders rank ‘Patient Experience and Satisfaction’ as the top priority for the next three years.

“The old adage about the squeaky wheel may apply here (priorities). Patient experience and satisfaction was included among the top three priorities by 54% of respondents, putting it at the top of the list for the second consecutive year. With the introduction of value-based purchasing and its link to HCAHPS, the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has certainly turned up the heat to transform patient satisfaction from a marketing opportunity to a meaningful measure with clear fiscal implications.” — HealthLeaders – January/February 2013

Many of MedicalGPS’ current M3-Patient Experience clients have implemented, or currently exploring implementation of, patient experience scores as a component of compensation, for both staff and providers.  Focusing on the use of patient experience to create a measurement with ‘clear fiscal implications’ is an indication of the importance placed on such results as an essential element in providing the quality of care that was virtually non-existent in years past.

Asking patients about specific aspects of their care experience rather than their overall level of satisfaction is a more accurate way to compare the quality of medical practices and individual physicians, according to a study published in the BMJ.

Ask your patients about their visit experience.  Pinpoint areas of opportunity and leverage your organization’s strengths.  Patient Experience is the Top Priority of Health Leaders for the Next Three Years; is it yours?

— Marty Hudson


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