M3-Patient Experience Database Just Got Bigger!

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MedicalGPS is proud to say our workload and our database just took a step towards getting a lot bigger.  We are privileged to announce two new opportunities with our M3-Patient Experience services.  

Effective January 1 Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) began implementing M3-Patient Experience with HCA Physician Services, one of the largest operators of Medical Practices in the United States with over 350 locations nationally and managing over 1700 providers.  We will also have the privilege of working with First Onsite, an HCA subsidiary providing onsite healthcare clinics for employees and their families. 

We also were fortunate enough to receive a continuation and an agreement to grow the use of M3 with LifePoint Hospitals Physicians Services division.  We have been providing M3 services to LifePoint employed physicians during 2009 and plan to expand those services to independent providers associated with LifePoint during 2010.

M3-Patient Experience captures patient feedback electronically, eliminating manual survey tabulation. Survey results are delivered real-time via GPSMapping®, MedicalGPS’ business intelligence solution.  M3-Patient Experience surveys each segment of the patient’s experience, from beginning to end and provides continuous monitoring and notification to leadership, real-time, whenever patient feedback warrants follow-up.

We try not to use our blog as an advertisement, but we are too excited about this news not to share it with you.  MedicalGPS has high expectations for 2010 and see the expansion with LifePoint and the addition of HCAPS as a springboard for growth. 

Another feature of M3 is the ability to benchmark patient feedback by provider to the MedicalGPS database as a whole or based on a providers’ specialty; so, we are excited to say, “Our M3-Patient Experience Database Just Got Bigger!”

—Marty Hudson

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