Leadership…Just Requires You to be You.

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What does it take to be a leader?  I don’t think any of the following will surprise you, and most, if not all, might well be included in everyone’s answer, but do you really know the summation of it all?  Read to the end and find out.

Leaders are first a servant of those they lead.  Not a one who issues directives nor a disciplinarian.  They are a teacher, they possess knowledge and provide a source of information.  They set the standard. 

Leaders do not follow behind those they lead with a whip, they are out in front with a banner.  They don’t say, ‘Get going.’  Instead, they say, ‘Let’s go!’  

Leaders are people builders.  They help those around them to grow.  They realize the more strong people exist in an organization, the stronger it will be.

Leaders use their heart as well as their head.  After they look at the facts with their head, they take a look with their heart too.

Leaders have a sense of humor and humility.  They are not stuffed shirts.  They can laugh at themselves and with others.   

Leaders can be led and have an open mind.  They are not as interested in having their way as they are in finding the best way. 

These qualities exist in all of us.  We just have to let them out.  Sometimes it makes us feel vulnerable, and that’s part of being a leader too.  We’re human, no one wants to follow a robot and no one will follow a tyrant for very long.  Once you relax and let these qualities come out, it’s easy; Leadership Just Requires You to be You.

—Marty Hudson

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