Best of Luck in the Coming New Year!

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Well here we are again.  We made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Year’s Eve right around the corner and entering into a New Year.  Welcome to 2010!

So, do you have a New Year’s Resolution?  I don’t.  I kind of gave up on that after years of failure.  I have enough problems without setting myself up for one more.  Now that’s not to mean I don’t have intentions of exercising more, eating less, working smarter, growing my business and trying to spend more time with my family.  It’s just that I have determined all of these are journeys rather than goals.  If I set a goal one of three things typically happen.  One, I fail miserably.  Two, I reach the goal, for instance lose 10 pounds, and so I figure that’s it, done.  Of course then I gain 15 pounds which means I fail miserably.  Third, I work for the goal, I come up a little short, so I extend the time period for my goal, and I continue in that pattern until, once again, I fail miserably.  Do you see the pattern?  No more resolutions for me.

But I do need to improve.  I need to exercise more, eat less, work smarter, grow my business and spend more time with my family; however, resolutions won’t get it done; I need a lifestyle change.  With the help and encouragement from my wife I do indeed have a much improved lifestyle over what I had just a few years ago.  Years go by way to fast nowadays.  I can’t get it all done in one short year.  So I’m ok with exercising, and stopping and getting it going again.  I’m ok with eating healthier, but having a piece of cake.  I’m ok with not being able to sell my business for $100,000,000; at least I’m able to work. 

Most importantly I have figured out how to have more time with my family.  It’s simple really.  Just don’t get caught up in all that other stuff.  All it does is distract you from what is really important.  So, my New Year’s Resolution is not to have a New Year’s Resolution.  Best of all I reach my goal on the first day of the year.  So whether you choose to have a Resolution or not, I wish you the best of luck in the coming New Year!

—Marty Hudson

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