Issue #5 – Thinking Thursdays TIPs for M3-Patient Experience Users and Leaders

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Issue 5, April 18, 2019

In this week’s issue :
  • M3’s On-line Reporting: When and How Analytics are Updated
  • Percentile Rankings: How to Compare Your Practice and Your Providers
  • When Your Providers Ask, “Is My M3 Data Reliable and Valid”

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M3’s On-line Reporting: When and How Analytics are Updated

There are two on-line analytics that are updated in real-time; “Recent Results” and “Detailed Results”.  All other on-line analytics are updated near real-time, meaning, they are updated nightly, just after midnight.
When a patient submits feedback, their survey information is posted up directly to the M3 on-line reporting module immediately — usually within a couple of seconds of the patient taking the survey — to both the “Recent Results” and “Detailed Results” pages.  If you’d like to review either, here’s how.
          1) Login to M3-Patient Experience
          2) Click “Reporting”
          3) Click “Detailed Results” or “Recent Results”
Each evening, just after midnight, the M3 system runs a series of reporting packages that updates all on-line graphics and data tables.  When you login to M3 first thing in the morning, all M3 graphs and data tables will be current through “yesterday”.
Because M3’s on-line analytics are updated in real-tine, or nightly, you and your team never have to wait until the end of the month to get a monthly report to see how your practice is doing.  Just login to M3 and you’ll have current year-to-date, month-to-date data available, right at your fingertips.
One reporting analytic that can be very useful is the  “Trending Reports” page.  Each of the M3 questions asked of your patients are trended monthly, over time, with this month’s data point always displaying the most recent performance, as of “yesterday”. So, let’s say your front-deck personnel just completed a Customer Service Training program.  The favorable impact of that training may be seen right away by reviewing the “Receptionist Helpful” and/or “Receptionist Courteous” trend lines.  Here’s how to access the “Trending Reports”.
          1) Login to M3-Patient Experience
          2) Click “Reporting”
          3) Click “Trending Reports”

When Your Providers Ask, “Is My M3 Data Reliable and Valid”

It is not unusual for providers to ask, “is my M3 data reliable and valid”.  Because the terms “valid” and “reliable” mean different things to different people, M3’s on-line reporting analytics has a built-in statistical analysis tool that allows you and your team to determine the margin of error at a given confidence level for each of your providers, as well as for the practice overall.  Based on your providers unique patient base (number of patients seen) and the number of completed surveys, M3’s on-line STATs Analysis tool will calculate the margin of error at a selected confidence level for a given survey sample size, on-demand.
Here’s how.
1) Login to M3-Patient Experience
2) Click “Reporting”
3) Click “STATs Analysis ” 
4) Follow the easy instructions, and click “Calculate” 

Percentile Rankings: How to Compare Your Practice and Your Providers

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to see how your practice and providers rank against the M3 national database, just do the following.
1) Login to M3-Patient Experience
2) Click “Reporting”
3) Click “Percentiles by Measure” 
When the “Percentiles by Measure” page loads up, select a “Measure” (the question that you’d like to compare), and then select the Date Range for your comparison.  The M3 system will show where the practice (or specific provider if selected) ranks.  See the image below that shows a Sample Practice ranking, performing just below the M3 90th percentile.
Note “All Providers” was selected for the comparison shown below, which will return the aggregated score for the entire practice, for all providers.  For the particular illustration shown below, the “Recommend 0-10” question was selected for the date range of Last Month.
One important item to point out about the Percentiles By Measure graphic: Just under the radial-dial graphic you’ll find the “n” value indicating the number of surveys represented in the M3 national database.  In the example below, 888,972 surveys are included in the M3 comparative data.

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