Issue #3 – Thinking Thursdays TIPs for M3-Patient Experience Users and Leaders

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Issue 3, April 04, 2019

In this week’s issue :
– Best Practices for Sharing M3 Scores with Providers
– How to Add End-users to the real-time “Internal Email Recipient” page
– What do I do When My Password Does Not Work

Happy Reading 🙂

Best Practices for Sharing M3 Scores with Providers

One of the coolest ways to share M3 scores with physicians, and other healthcare providers, is via the Provider One-page Report.  Provider One-page Reports may be downloaded on-demand, AND, automatically emailed via secure link from the M3 system directly to your providers, if desired.

To see if your organization is currently subscribing to Provider One-page Reports, do the following.

1) Login to M3-Patient Experience®
2) Click the link that reads, “Downloadable Reports”
3) Click “Download Monthly One-page Provider Reports”

If you don’t see the link that reads, “Download Monthly One-page Provider Reports”, click here to see sample report and then drop me an email if you would like to add Provider One-page Reports to your practice’s M3 subscription.  We will customize the report so that the four focus questions align with your organization’s strategy and culture.

Detailed provider reports are also available.  After clicking on “Downloadable Reports”, just click, “Download Monthly Provider Reports” to download the more comprehensive, detailed provider report for each of your providers.

Another good way to share M3 information with providers is to simply provide them with a user name and password.  MedicalGPS does not charge extra for additional M3 users — you may have as many users as needed, including your providers.  To add an M3 user account for your practice, do the following, or feel free to reach out to our support team.

1) Login to M3-Patient Experience
2) Click “Manage Users”
3) Click “Add a New User” (look for the link toward the top of the page).
4) Fill in the blanks, select the user type, and click “on”, “Select Surveys To Give Access”
5) Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the “Create New User” button

How to Add End-users to the Real-time “Internal Email Recipients” page

M3 real-time alerts are exactly that — alerts that fire-off to the practice manger, or their designee, immediately whenever a patient takes a survey that triggers required action.   As an admin-user for your practice’s survey, you may add and remove team members to the real-time alerts as needed.  Here’s how.
1) Login to M3-Patient Experience
2) Click “Manage Emails & Notifications”
3) Click “Internal Email Recipients”
4) Add or remove team member’s email addresses as needed
5) Click the “Save” button to save your changes

What do I do When My Password Does Not Work

Every 90 days the M3 system will require a new password.  You may of course change your password more frequently, if you so desire.  
When you do reset your password, many web browsers will auto-fill the user name and/or the password data entry fields, in error, with your email address.  When that happens an error message occurs.  Make sure the user name and the password fields are not being auto-fuilled with your email address.

If you have already tried the “Reset Your Password” link (see the image below) and that didn’t work, we’re here to help.  Just drop us a note from the support page. Find support at, scroll down and click, “I have a question not listed here?


We hope you are finding Thinking Thursdays TIPs useful.  If so, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.  If you don’t automatically receive Thinking Thursdays TIPs in your inbox, subscribe here.

Please let our support team know if you need anything.  Whenever you need help, please find support at
Just save the support link to your favorites and simply click it when you need assistance.  If you don’t see what you need, after the support page loads up, scroll down and click, “I have a question not listed here?” 
Have a great Thinking Thursday! 
Jerry L. Stone
MedicalGPS, LLC

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