2016 In Review – Top 5 Patient Experience Articles from the MedicalGPS Blog

It’s always fun to do a year-end retrospective. We took a dive into the stats from our blog, and we’re sharing our findings with our readers.

In case you are new to our blog, or missed some of these the first time around, here are the most read articles from the MedicalGPS blog over the past year. 


1. 5 Forgotten Factors that Have Big Impact on Patient Satisfaction

The patient experience is much more than a few minutes with a doctor. Patients shape their perception of healthcare interaction along a wide range of experiences that stretch from the moment an appointment is scheduled until the final bill is paid. Unfortunately, with all the talk of value-based care and CAHPS® requirements, it can be easy to forget that sometimes, the most potent elements of patient satisfaction are the simplest. In this post, we’re going to review some simple points of connection that are easily overlooked, but still have big impact on patient satisfaction.

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2. Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Patient Experience

Poor patient satisfaction scores can hurt an organization’s reputation and bottom line. As patients are becoming more savvy healthcare consumers providing an exceptional patient experience is not only a key to success, it is necessary for survival. Avoid these seven deadly sins when implementing a strategy for improving the patient experience

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3. The Impact of Communication in Healthcare

Communication in healthcare is a complex series of connections and critical interactions between patients, providers, staff, and organizations. From check-in or registration, to seeing the physician and everything in between, there are numerous points at which communication can be broken and impact a patient’s outcome and overall experience. 

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4. Improving the Patient Experience: Start Where the Patient Starts

If there were one wish that most healthcare professionals would wish for it just might be an unlimited supply of trust and respect. Patients wish for the same – trust and respect. Mutual trust and respect between healthcare providers and patients form the foundation for exceptional care. However, it’s not just the physician-patient relationship — mutual trust and respect must exist at every touch point of the patient engagement if the patient experience is to grow stronger.

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5. Making Patient Experience Personal

Healthcare is personal. Whether it’s a routine checkup, post-survey visit, a restricted diet regimen, weight management, genetics, or even allergies, whatever the patient’s needs, everyone has their own set of behaviors, preferences, beliefs, and motivations, which make us all unique individuals. So why do so many aspects of healthcare seem like a “one-size-fits-all” approach?

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Those are the top 5 MedicalGPS articles from 2016! Don’t forget to connect with us to stay ‘in the know’ for 2017.

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